Free Contract Termination Right

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The right of free resolution consists of the possibility that the consumer has to resolve (cancel) the contract, without having to justify it, within 14 consecutive days counting:
1. From the date of conclusion of the contract, in case the consumer has contracted a service;
2. From the day on which the consumer or another person (other than the carrier) acquires the physical possession of the good, in the purchase and sale of a good.

If you buy a good or a service over the phone or the internet, or at the door of your home, know that you have 14 days in a row to cancel the contract without having to justify your regret.

Just send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address made available on the website or sent to you via email.

Information is provided: whenever you acquire a good or a service by phone, internet or at the door of your home, make sure that you receive information on physical media (paper, electronic mail, a print screen of the website, etc.). ) on the identity of the seller as well as the physical address to which you should refer your questions.

For more detailed information, please consult the legislation in force:
Decreto-Lei n.º 24/2014, de 14 de fevereiro.
Diretiva n.º 2011/83/UE do Parlamento Europeu e do Concelho, de 25 de Outubro.